Since the beginning of time, humans and animals alike have turned to food and herbs to nourish, treat and heal their entire beings...

Our ancestors lived in-tune with the natural world and had time to grow and prepare their food from scratch

Today modern science confirms what our ancestors intuitively knew...To live each day with energy, calm and happiness - means embracing nourishing food, thoughts, and actions as the foundations of our healthcare plan...

My own health and wellbeing journey has become one of my greatest teachers and my inspiration to - feed, educate and support others in living healthier, happier lives.



Find nourishing wholefood recipes here...


The Real Food Revolution

Promises to be even more phenomenal!  Sold out in 5 cities, The Real Food Revolution is finally coming to Cairns this July (1st-3rd)! We’re inviting more A-list speakers to give you the same great value, which made RFR Australia’s leading health and wellbeing event. Learn new ways to lead a healthier life. The Real Food
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Spring Cleansing foody writing and smoothie recipe

Green Goddess Super Smoothie

Green Goddess Super smoothie These days its not hard to find a million different smoothie recipes and most of them are awesome!  I can always find a smoothie to match my mood…sometimes I want the super green hit – the cleansing kind that tastes like it has come straight from the earth itself.  Other times
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